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Lost prestige of nuclear physics?

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments

The Lost Prestige of Nuclear Physics
I find this a puzzling argument, but, OK, maybe there is something to this.
But what is strange is that the failure of Darwinism to reach the level of real science doesn’t seem to impact the minds of scientists who are otherwise so nimble in the realm of physics. That fact itself should remind us that evolutionary theory has as yet no right foundation, and that the prestige or authority of Darwinism is quite spurious.
One thing we can suspect is that the intelligence needed to do physics is not very intelligent about the larger issues of cosmic life and evolution. They don’t reduce to the mathematical mother lode that makes progress in physics so fruitful.

With the rise of Einstein, the preeminence of biology came to an end, and the new physics came to be seen as the pinnacle of man’s effort to know reality. Moreover, the status thus conferred on physicists was not merely scientific; it seemed to an awed public that Einstein and the nuclear physicists, by peering and penetrating into the structure and stuff of the universe, had attained not just factual knowledge but moral wisdom, too—a perception that contributed significantly to Einstein’s aura of detached saintliness. While nuclear physics enjoyed this marvelous public image, professionals and professors from other disciplines—from architecture to social science—began to write their papers and publications in such a way that they would sound as if they had been written, if not by physicists, then by practitioners very like them.

But in the second half of the century this high ground of public adulation was lost. Fields like computer science and genetics overtook physics as the most respected and charismatic exemplars of scientific advance. Theatrical films, television dramas, comic books, novels, and other media began to promote an image of atomic science as a dangerous tool of sinister interests—corrupt politicians, cynical industrialists, and evil (or at least irresponsible) scientists—aiming to impose nuclear technologies on the world while recklessly ignoring the threats of war, terrorism, and contamination.

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