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Zizek’s clown act

July 10th, 2010 · 7 Comments

‘The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the West’
Welcome to the Slavoj Zizek Show

The truth comes out: Zizek is a standup comedian orchestrating a crypto-reactionary leftwing farce.
We have commented here a number of times on this fellow:

This is not the left! Zizek’s indifference to Stalinism is not the least of his confusions. To obstinately associate the left with this brand of the Bolshevist left in decline is a disservice to a new generation that needs to make some hard decisions about contemporary culture without all the leftist vultures of the past coming to roost on their sudden insights into capitalist domination.
It is worse than a disservice, it is the best service to the right possible.

It is worth considering that if Marx and Engels had had to defend a legacy like Stalinism the left would have died in the nineteenth century, as it bids fair to do with clowns like Zizek. You have to wonder what these late has-beens are thinking at this point.
The left has to have a revolution against itself now, to recover the impetus of honest cultural innovation, and something better than historical materialism, rehashes of putrid hegelianism, and Lacan for neurotics.
It is probably impossible since it is all too easy for pastiche peddlers like Zizek to steal the show. The rightwing must be laughing.

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  • 1 Jim Buck // Jul 10, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Let’s leave the right-wing out of it. but liberals and centrists are terrified of Zizek. Zizek understands Stalin rather than defends him; it is similarly the case with Zizek’s acute insights into Robespierre. It is not the old lefties who are devouring Zizek’s books, but sharp young minds; and, as unemployment and despair rise over the nexts years, we will hear the tumbrils sound again.

  • 2 nemo // Jul 11, 2010 at 6:02 am

    Are you defending Stalin?
    Are you a conservative? What exactly are Zizek’s insights into Robespierrre?
    What is your take on the French Revolution? Are you sowing disinformation from the right here in order to befuddle the left?
    These bright young minds you refer to are being misled, it seems, by a form of the left that refuses to learn.
    The right is, indeed, laughing. Their parody of revolution in the Tea Party movement is a cruel deception, of the right. Or the idiots on the right

  • 3 Jim Buck // Jul 11, 2010 at 10:36 am

    I assumed, Nemo, that you had actually read some Zizek (cover-to-cover, I mean). If you are interested in his view of Robespierre, a good place to start is ‘In Defence of Lost Causes’. Suffice to say here that Zizek argues that there have been long-term benefits from the French Revolution which ought to be acknowledged, along side the bloodshed. For myself, I am with the Right on some things, and with the left on others.

  • 4 nemo // Jul 11, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Don’t give me that nonsense: leftist lit with a bit of Hegel fart and postmodern lacan is an old nemesis of mine going back to Hegel list days, a list from which both and Hucklebird were eliminated by a Zizek clone. I do recall reading about Robespierre but I really can’t remember what he said.
    So I know the whole stupid spiel. In any case the issues are clear in Marx, not Zizek. Why bother with such rubbish. Now he is about the business of a 700 book on Hegel written on airplanes. The result could be nothing.
    It is possible to compute Zizek’s errors without much trouble. In any case, his defense of Stalinism voids
    You can’t be a bit rightist and a bit leftist and be helpful to anyone. Are you a little bit of a Stalinist.

    My point is that Zizek has stolen the public attention of many leftists with a built in Stalinist confusion. It won’t work.

    Mr. Buck, get your ass in gear before you show your face here again.
    You wouldn’t last one day in a revolutionary context created by people like Zizek.
    I should point out that the same fate would befall Zizek.

    My point is merely that the left should acknowledge the real history of the Bolshevik revolution, which eliminated almost the whole socialist left because it was a new prouduct created by Lenin, but using Marx’s good name.
    If Stalin is so OK will you, and if you are really not a rightist provocateur, then I would remind you that you are a prime candidate for early elimination in a Stalinist control system.
    Indeed, a figure like Zizek would be almost essential to liquidate during the first phase of a Leninist coup d’etat.It is worth remembering who got liquedated in the stages of the Bolshivik phase, all the best and purest socialists. It was disgusting.
    As for you, you sound like a White.

  • 5 Jim Buck // Jul 11, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I think your problem with Zizek springs from, either: You’ve not read him (cover-to-cover) and so are ignorant of the fact that you occupy similar viewpoints on Stalin, Lenin et. al. This sentence of yours is particularly intersting: ‘I should point out that the same fate would befall Zizek.’
    Zizek address that speculation in precise terms and comes to the very same conclusion.
    If you no longer wish to post my views here, fair enough

  • 6 nemo // Jul 11, 2010 at 11:07 am

    You are not welcome here, but I don’t care one way or the other, but I think you should move on. A rightwinger plugging Zizek is a provocateur’s gesture of some kind. Or else you are completely an idiot.
    I am sure I could study Zizek at length, but the issues are Marxist issues, and their renewal, which Zizek can’t handle.
    This is college sophmore logorhea, not philosophy.
    And Hegel is a tremendous test, which even Marx failed.
    The reason I suggested Kant, over and over. These idiots can’t handle Hegel, who couldn’t handle himself.

    Adios and time to move on. Go over and read Huffpost. Could you eliminate all lthe people there? Pulling the trigger first on Ariana Huffington. After, of course, doing that for everyone at the Tea Party movement, being sure to torture Sarah Palin to death, after slitting her pussy.
    Game for that?
    One problem with the left is its confusion over Darwin, and historical materialism. I have a far superior formulation, which I urged you to study.

    I could rewrite the left in a form far superior to the crapola of Zizek but won’t ever get a chance, the reason for my ‘other’ blog on the ‘ultra far left’. Capish?

    Adios. You are the one type of person I don’t forgive. Nota bene.

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