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Arnhart strikes again/debasing academia

July 18th, 2010 · No Comments

“Darwinian Liberalism” at “Cato Unbound”

Most conservatives are too cunning to explicitly link Darwinism with conservative politics. Arnhart is the exception and is fascinating for the naive idiocy of his public discussions of ideology in action.

Beware of getting sucked into such arguments: the way out is to see that Darwin’s theory of natural selection is a pseudo-science. If the theory is false then it is useless as a prop for conservative thinking.

Myers, who will debate this group, plies the idea of Darwinian liberalism in another sense, not the ‘classical liberalism’ now seen as conservative.
But Myers is as confused as the rest, why? Because Darwin’s theory is false.

This is a false debate with the false authority of academic profs who are all completely brainwashed by Darwinism.

The real way to consider politics and evolution is via the eonic effect:

Note that this set of essays is all that academia can come up with. There are hundreds of specialists in the field of politics and its philosophies, but because a gang of Darwin assholes and loudmouths control the academic spigot, they control the definition of liberalism, it seems.
You won’t hear from those people, not all of whom have been brainwashed, but all of whom have been silenced.
Liberalism springs from sources such as Kant, where the idea of freedom in a challenge to Newton finds its point of application via transcendental idealism.
Darwinians trying to take over these classic entities, which should be the job of undebased academia, darwinize it with junk scientism and are on all sides third rate thinkers as a result of their Darwinism.

So much for academia. At the rate this is going, intelligent people will find no place in the university world where the Dawkins cult has produced a monopoly of idiots, with loners like Arnhart at the (lunatic/academic) fringe getting a peep in occasionally.

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