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July 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

As per previous post: the question of revolution won’t go away, and if even one tenth of the 9/11 truth initiative materials are valid we have grounds for a demand for a new government, one that will abolish the CIA as a first step.
Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s seditious, but you don’t have a government at this point. Yeah, yeah, Obama’s the prez. But you don’t have a dot.gov, really, don’t be absurd and pretend all day long.
Red Alert: when an intelligence agency completely fools you, and they done so for almost fifty years, you have essentially lost your freedom. So you must move to deal with that reality.

Although this book is not as disciplined as those of David Ray Griffin on 9/11, it does shock the varnish off the commentariat and its dismissal of 9/11 theories as ‘conspiracy theories’: 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, Fourth Edition [Paperback]
Webster Griffin Tarpley
I cannot make similar endorsements of this author’s other books (e.g. on Obama), except maybe the one of Bush 41.
If this book is not your type, set it aside and consider Griffin’s more restrained and rational analysis. But Tarpley cuts through the bullshit quite nicely, despite some wild pitches. Simple, read all the books in this spectrum.

But get Griffin’s books if there is any doubt here, and consider the desperate situation we find outselves in, if it is true that concealed factions/CIA essentially control the government. All through the liberal attack on Bush 43 over the years, the deeper crisis was not even mentioned.

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