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God 2.0: Chopra vs Shermer

August 2nd, 2010 · 1 Comment

God 2.0. The quantum flapdoodle of New Age author Deepak Chopra is a failed effort to update medieval theology…

I clicked on this right away, only to find that Mike Shermer was taking on Chopra.
I have a few problems with quantum theology, but even after a ‘dog does the paper’ treatment of quantum mechanics grafted on theology the fact remains that there is more in QM than is dreamt of in Shermer’s philosophy.

I think that it is a mistake to persist in using the term ‘god’, if you wish to divorce it from its monotheistic roots in Xtianity, et al.
But the problem with Chopra’s thinking is not that it is worng, but that we can’t arrive at any conclusions that are sound, as with all brands of theism/atheism.

I think that QM rediscovered Kant, and his ‘noumenal’ dimension, and that the paradoxex of physics are bumping up against that provocative and frustrating limit

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