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Will Darwinism destroy modern civilization?

August 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

Coyne tries to deflect Fodor attack

Darwin diehards just don’t get it, and Coyne’s completely distorted rendition of Fodor/PP’s successful attack on Darwinism is a pathetic case in point. But these gross distortions are effective with the peanut gallery of Darwinism and the Dawkins cult.

The situation has a curious desperation to it. The persistence of the pseudo-science of Darwinism has almost destroyed the reputation of science, in the age of Big Science, and left an immense number of people, unreported in the news, disgusted and nettled at the degeneration of science into ideology.
You would think scientists would welcome the work of people like Fodor trying to lead science beyond its completely frozen state.
But as we can see the science culture is in a state of termininal Darwin paralysis. People won’t put up with it much longer. Sufistic sources have been waiting since the nineteenth century for the opportunity to rewrite modernity after the obvious incapacity of science idiocy to do so. They have failed so far, but more generally the attack on modernity is replacing the disgust with Darwinism, and the dumbed donw cadre that has been created to serve it.

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