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Multiverses and the Axial Age

September 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

The reason I look askance at multiverse theories, or one of them, is that history gives us an example of ‘spectrum’ multicultures in parallel during the Axial Age, and the issue there is not the physical replication of physical universe variants, but the exploration of religious and cultural potentials in different modes, in related but varying systems of value.
It is ironic commentary on the physics flounderings of string theorists to consider that the Axial Age produces a multiverse (so to speak) of differing art forms, religions (theist/atheist), political constructs and civilizational frameworks. It is a long way from the real multiverse concept, but the analogy is exact. But the issue if the evolution of parallel worlds from the perspective of values, not just of facts.

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