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Noami Klein wasting her breath?

September 15th, 2010 · No Comments

We already cited this link today: Naomi Klein: Building a Real Left

I didn’t feel like turning on my audio to listen to the tape so I am not sure what she is saying. I will get around to it soon.
Naomi Klein preaching a new left. Tut tut. Why not just send a check to the Tea Partiers.
I actually agree, at the blurb level, especially this week, a bad week indeed, in which I realized (two years late, or minus one year early since I suspected the worst in 2007) that Obama has been triangulated by the likes of Rahm Immanuel, and is not really a president at all, but a sort of Clinton parody being operated behind the scenes by forces that elude me.
Obama is being asphyxiated by Axelrod, Immanuel, Geithner and Summers, a sad almost frightening svengali spectacle for a figure once hoped to be an FDR moment in action. One such svengali is too many, but four!!

Whatever happened to Obama?? I missed something here, and what of Krugman, Kuttner, Warren, and Reich????
I obviously don’t get it, and haven’t a clue as to what lies behind Obama’s seductive rhetoric. I am a simple sort, and watch PBS, and when I read that Rahm Immanuel, as Obama’s chief of staff, thinks liberals retards and counts on their votes as suckers, I am genuinely shocked, and not a little puzzled. That is something new, not present in the politics of liberalism, and it is tantamount to taking away someone’s vote. It is possible to fudge a bit on the complex of views, inevitable, but to openly mock and trash the loyalty of lifelong liberals behind the sweet talk of Obama crosses the line, and is unforgivable. This Rahm gangster will end up making voting at all dishonorable.
So I am glad to hear from Klein’s timely call. She is right, we are losing the electoral option, something I find incredible.
Why won’t Obama just throw the bums out and do it right?

It is also thus vital for the (Jewish) left to try and clear its good name with something intelligent as here. As Jewish culture accelerates into a right wing decline, the whispers from the old Jewish left are important, but probably irrelevant.

But that is a resource that is played out at this point. Too many dead beat intellectuals stuck forever in the Marxism cult are in the way of a new left. I think that Marxism is paradoxical. It is one of the few resources that we have but it is so flawed it is counterproductive, and in any case noone can seem to extricate themselves from Leninism/Stalinism.
It is thus not surprising a gesture of revolt arises on the right in a form so brain dead as to be grotesquely comical, the Tea Party movement. The left fails to see how its inability to critique itself has fed the right.

But the point is significant: we need a truly new left. Where will that come from?
We certainly need a new left, but that’s unlikely in this generation. I have explained why a dozen times here, and given a lot of suggestions.

Since we have raised the tasteless question of Jewish culture, consider the important point that Marx was NOT Jewish. He was an assimilated ex-christian, a crucial distinction.
Why not ask Jewish leftists to assimilate, super assimilate, and leave Jewish culture behind. The same demand goes without saying for Christians and Moslems. We could create a whole new culture of left familes with assimilated Jews/Xtians/Moslems/everyone else welcome. The leftovers of Axial Age Judaism are still alive on the Jewish left, and confusing its cultic devotees, who are confused by their position. It is stinking shit at this point, and, as Marx well understood, you have to decamp and not look back.

Please recall, as noted, that Marx understood this problem perfectly, and that he was not Jewish, but an ex-Christian. Jewish leftists unaware of their position are simply feeding the right. He is charged with being a self-hating Jew. Who wouldn’t be self-hating after a lifetime of Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan. The more self-hating the better, as Marx sensed.

We need a whole new population of leftists, like the Rajneeshees who gave up their old identities, and changed their names.

Ditto here, for Christians, and Moslems.

In general a new left must be really new, and analyze the faults of the Bolshevik fiasco. But twenty years have passed since the fall of Communism, and that hasn’t happened.

The left needs a complete makeover, on theory, philosophy, and religion.
The left needs to get some religion even as it needs to put some teeth into its critique of religion. Feuerback on Hegel wasn’t enough. The problem with leftist atheism as a substitute for religion is that leftists end up sitting ducks confronted with all the dark forces of religion, unaware in principle of what is going on. The realm of the occult is very real, part of the human legacy, and will eat the left alive if they persist in stupidity of the Feuerback game.
That was a disaster. So the left needs to religion to get past religion.

This problem was solved ten times over in India, where atheist ‘materialist’ religion has a strong history, and a no-nonsense attitude to materialist oversimplifiers.
There is a lot to say here, and I will listen to Klein’s video and comment, and then construct a new left of my own.
I am sorry to be hard on Jews, but I am much harder on Christians and Moslems. I have always been a philosemitic student of Judaism. But as we examine the case of Israel, all the warnings of antisemites are confirmed. Jews can’t even handle a nation state. So why should we listen to them on politics. Marx, as noted, understood this.
In another generation, jewish will be so decayed as to be a cesspool, as Christian and Moslem culture are now.
I would certainly like some kind of political home for myself. Since Rham Immanuel just kicked me out of Obama land, I will have to consider my options.
I have no place anywhere, right, center, left, an orphan of politics, so I will use my rubric of the Ultra Far Left, left of Marx, and, yes, left of Naomi Klein.

So the moral is clear, Jews have to become ex-Christians, effective immediately. You figure it out.

“We have to build that independent left. It has to be so strong and so radical and so militant and so powerful that it becomes irresistible.” Who better to say such a thing than Naomi Klein, Nation columnist, author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo, and longtime rabblerouser Naomi makes a special visit to the GRITtv studio to talk about the recent G20 meetings in her hometown of Toronto, about Obama’s recent return to a kind of populism, the looming midterm elections in the U.S., her reporting on the BP disaster in the Gulf, and what we can do to channel the growing rage in this country and in the world into a true progressive movement.

\Here’s the Rahm Immanuel link from this week:
Why Rahm Emanuel’s Political Calculations Were 100% Wrong

Rahm’s attitude was that you could ignore progressive demands because, where could they go? Well, it turns out that the answer to that question is: home.

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