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Dawkins’ cult of scientism and public demurral

September 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Dawkins ponders the evolution disbelief riddle

Dawkins just doesn’t get it. He goes round and round in circles in the orbit of his limited success that misleads him completely into thinking that he is talking to the general culture. That culture he looks down on, in the illusion of the superior smarts of the ‘brights’, but the reality is that the culture of scientism, and Darwinian ideology that he wants to make dominant is not science at all, but a kind of cult, and a worse one than the religious cult of the Christians. And at that point the religious failsafe kicks in and refuses to conform.
I think it might help if the limitations of the Darwinism that obsesses Dawkins could be seen for what it is, and reformed into a proper scientific attitude. Then scientists might find their public again.

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