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Beyond theism, atheism, agnosticism

September 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Theism/Atheism: The God Debates
Taking sides in a debate as demented as that of Christians and New Atheists is a liability of thought, and one is soon speaking gibberish using the now exhausted term ‘god’, a word that should be set aside until its user has deserved the priviledge. I should note that athiests are almost as confused as theists, solely for using such a term, and that the ancient Isrealites warned that this confusion would happen, warning the newly forming monotheistic cult/public of the danger of god references, in vain.

The abuse of the terms of divinity by monotheists is so slovenly that their use becomes impossible, full stop, and we must simply terminate the use of a term like ‘god’ for our discussion. Human culture is essentially deprived of the honest use of such terms as ‘god’. We should be wary of any negation of such an incoherent discourse as ‘atheism’. Spiritual empires claim exclusive rights over the usage of such terms, and manipulate credulity for purposes of social domination.

We cannot arbitrarily exclude arguments by design, but we can demand new terminology, and precise definitions. We will make this our one inviolable rule. Thus, it is almost impossible to use the term ‘god’ without prejudice in relation to differing religion s and our study will completely disallow it in any (theoretical) context. This is not an atheistic stance since the discussion is mostly meaningless, and it does allow fresh terms and definitions. Our position here is neither theistic, atheistic, or agnostic. These terms buttonhole all discussion.

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