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The Dawkins delusion (is catching) and Climbing Mt. Improbable

September 28th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This post and comment series shows the way that intelligent students under the influence of group pressure (as charges of being stupid) are turned into ‘Darwin dummies’ with high intelligence, unable, because they are convinced they are smart, to think about evolution or consider where Darwin went wrong.

Mt. Improbable?
I came across this post from Jasonhouse at Google (where the connection was to a comment by me) from two years ago. As usual the total incomprehension of the smart geeks who are Darwinists and Dawkins groupies is sad to watch.

Few have done more harm to so many (smart) science students than Dawkins with his Mt. Improbable nonsense.
Darwinism has made them all incapable of thinking about what real evolution is, something that requires a ‘driver’ to climb that ‘mountain’. It doesn’s just happen!
How did this tragedy of smart nerds ever come about???

Note the way these people call dissenters stupid, but it is they who have become stupid, and the sad irony is that the less smart are the only ones left to dissent. The nerdy set have missed the play on smart/stupid, a dangerous joke at their expense.

Random Evolution: Climbing Mt. Improbable

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