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How democracy dies…

October 11th, 2010 · 2 Comments

How Democracy Dies…

This is an important article (but Aristophanes was an ambiguous culture conservative who hated much of the Greek Enlightenment), but, while I agree with Hedges on the dangers of fundamentalist theocracy the fall of the democratic phenomenon has a multidimensional aspect.

One could just as well blame President Truman for being such a soft/passive tool of powerful interests, like those he set in motion with the new CIA, a point he came to suspect quite directly. These are corrupted liberals, not religious fanatics.
The power of the hidden forces of crypto-fascism and their link with the growing power of the CIA spectrum world, invisible to the naked eye, have been more and more brazen ever since they got away with the JFK assassination. A lot of people realized that the successful coverup tokened unlimited opportunities for fascist manipulation, which has been going on ever since.
So liberals dupes who don’t get it are also a problem.

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