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History of the Old Testament, for secularists

October 24th, 2010 · No Comments

The Old Testament as ‘eonic data’, scroll down for an outline periodization of Old Testament history.
We need to re-understand the Old Testament in secular terms, without the usual ‘god gibberish’ plastered over the account by later theologies. The result is much more insightful.
We should note that the Old Testament leaves hints that its source sages warned against ‘god talk’ by pointing to something beyond words and concepts, IHVH.

Canaan and ‘Israel/Judah’: The Old Testament Riddle It is hard, in fact, impossible, to think of any other explanation than that of the eonic effect, for what is bequeathed to us by the redactors of the Old Testament, who, incidentally, lived after the events they purported to describe. It is the eonic ‘smoking gun’, for behind its history, however we reconstruct historical incidents from its account, lies an implicit straddling of the period -900 to -600, with a particular intensity in the period between -750 and afterward, an eonic Bull’s eye, and indirect evidence that stands on its own irregardless of the complete facts.

The study of Israel from the eonic perspective is in the final analysis the most effective for it can help in seeing that the impulse to find transcendental explanations is automatically suggested by the intangibility of the eonic sequence .

Minimum Eonic Periodization of ‘Histories of Israel’:

1. stream approach

2. transitional period: eonic sequence intersection

3. divide period

4. realization period.

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