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Booknotes: The Goldilocks Effect

November 13th, 2010 · No Comments

Comment on Goldilocks Enigma
Some interesting material from P. Kinnon, and a reference to his book:

Peter Kinnon said,

November 13, 2010 at 1:01 am ·
Your observation is right on the mark. The absence of the slightest hint of teleology is a deeply entrenched dogma for almost all those in the current scientific establishment.

Supposedly rational individuals wriggle and squirm, inventing the most extravagant hypotheses to avoid the strong patterns which are staring them in the face.

In actuality the most convincing evidence for directionality is not in the values of the universal constant but is to be found way “downstream” within the chemistry which their “fine-tuning” uniquely enables.

The wider aspects of evolutionary processes and their directionality are the subject of my newly published work “The Goldilocks Effect”.

(This title, by the was not derived from Paul Davies’s book, which I discovered only after publication. As I suspected from other books of his that I have read it is a fairly pedestrian recapitulation of the extensive general literature based around the four constants and in no way overlaps my own.)

Please go to my website:

There you will find more info on “The Goldilocks Effect” My email address will be found there as a graphic and if you contact me I will send you a free copy as a celebration of having found intelligent life among the blogs.

Meanwhile, my first book, “Unusual Perspectives” is available for free download. You will find Chapters 10 and 11 the most directly relevant to this topic.

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