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Madison Avenue atheism

November 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Atheist Group Prepares for Holidays With Ad Campaign Tackling “Biblical Morality”
High powered advertising to spread the New Atheism seems, to me, another manifestation of religion and capitalist manipulation of opinion. It is no science, that is clear. Nor philosophy.
Not to overdramatize this: but the opportunity for a robust cultural secularism can’t be achieved by the standard ‘humanist’ cult game.
The atheism proposed is so brittle that it can only alienate real atheists who have a far broader view of things, stretching acrosss history. Just as Christianity is a watered down form of religion, the New Atheism is a watered down version of atheism, which goes back millennia, like the Jain religion itself, one of the first religious atheisms in existence.

In previous years, their campaigns have been upbeat and simple, reminding viewers that being a good person doesn’t require belief in God.

This year, responding to a wave of religious fundamentalism, the American Humanist Association is getting a little more feisty with their major holiday ad campaign. According to the Atlantic, “The AHA campaign, in particular, highlights some of the more violent and sexist passages of the Bible and Quran and contrasts them with quotes from Albert Einstein, Katherine Hepburn and others.”

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