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November 27th, 2010 · No Comments


Our idea for a Green Tea Party might be a useful foil for recasting the liberal/left: people on the left can’t seem to realize that, short of a cataclysm, as with the First World War, the chance for some revolutionary change doesn’t exist in reality. The examples of the revolutions of the early modern are thus misleading, and Marx understood, yet misunderstood this.
Whatever the case, the stale cliches of the left are a disservice to a moment of crisis, as an entirely new framework is needed.
More next week.
Horace Vernet-Barricade rue Soufflot
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1848, February: this was the last real aftershock of the French Revolution, and remains a moment to be understood.

We live in a new era, when the intelligence agencies (in America) have alread coopted revolutionary change by taking it over: they successfully staged a coup d’etat with the assissination of JFK, and kept the coup invisible, behind a series of fronts, Obama not the last, no doubt.

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