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The modern transition and the Enlightenment

December 17th, 2010 · 3 Comments

From Reformation to Revolution

Looking at modernity in terms of the ‘eonic effect’ is one of the best ways to see the issues in their full context. The passage linked is to a short shot gun approach to the emergence of modernity. The sheer immensity of the modern transition should caution simplistic efforts to equate the Enlightenment with the lesser developments that came later. Nietzsche is especially insidious here: he is definitely not an Enlightenment figure, a strange exemplar of the very decadence he denounced in others. Even Hegel is already a late figure. But Hegel is an interesting symbolic figure whose thinking contains a number of perhaps confused insights on the passage to modernity. But most of all Kant represents the embrace and challenge to the rise of science which was never intended to be a completed key to all other forms of knowledge. Yet that is how it is taken, with Darwinism as the sausage machine to reduce all else to the cult of scientism.

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