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Hohum, not invited to Nation leftist celebrity bash, tear…

January 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Nation article, Alternet:

Nation Magazine Holds Annual Bash, Gives $100,000 Puffin Awards to Outstanding U.S. Progressive Activists
At a gathering that features most of the East Coast progressive elite, attendees have a blast and take care of some serious political business.

I wasn’t invited, and don’t feel anything except contempt for this gang of the ass hole left who should be fired on the spot for their performance in the last half decade, or longer.
Such articles are a reminder you are alone at the present time, because there is no left at all. This is no small matter. Just finding a group of people with whom to discuss the current scene is all but impossible unless you conform to pattern.
This constellation of celebrities is a completely useless group of firing squad fodder that is probably being paid off by the secret intelligence orgs, et al. It would be good to know which ones are, for we can be sure the CIA et al have wasted no time in the past generation improving their tactics of infiltration and cooptation. It is hard for me to believe that this left has not been crippled from within. So who in this cess pool of Nation mag celebrities are the hidden agents? Is there anything real there, and at Nation? Who is paying off Nation Mag? Unfair? I will bet a considerable sum there is easy money somewhere in this fake.

The left needs to start over completely, what I have called The Ultra Far Left, leaving behind the has beens now reaching senility.

By the way, Marx is a suspicious character here: was he another paid agent? Tarpley has said so in his book on Obama. Will look up the reference.
There was something queerly odd about Marx. He should have finished Capital in the Fifties, with Engels producing his own version. Instead he delayed and delayded and delayed to Engels’ total frutration, the whole thing went rancid and bombed, although the labor movement beyond revolutioin prospered after the 48’s. This situation is not the one portrayed by Leninists.
There is something neurotically wrong-headed in Marx’s domineering ripoff and restructuring of the thriving, wholeome, but bedlamite confusion of early Socialists. Marx’s tactics of domination spoiled that freshness and turned the left in to a gang of Lenininst psychopaths. I can understand the need to unify the chaos of the early Socialists, but the result was such a flawed ideology of historical materialism that one has to wonder, was it worth it?
We need to get past this will-to-power neurosis in Marx and Marxists to rewrite the left. It is not that hard, and if none of the left orgs current can do it it is in part due I am sure to easy CIA money and other dollar cons at work.
The current left is a ridiculous farce, good only for celebrity jerkoffs a la Nation.

Meanwhile, could it have been true that Marx got cornered and turned by the early British secret service? I find it hard to believe, but the produce created by Marx needs to be left behind, like the early socialists, and used as inspiration, without dogma.

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