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Time for some ‘in your face’ Social Democracy/socialism blowback

January 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way Is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age

Now that the Republican gangsters are coming to Congress, it is time to fight back with some defense of socialism as an idea. The constant diatribing against socialism, e.g. with respect to Obama (??), is rightwing nonsense, and freemarket brainwashing in action.
We need to remind the whacko conservatives, who are truly whacko and almost incomprehensible, that conservatism in much of Europe, e.g. Germany took the form of Social Democracy, which isn’t actually socialism, but certainly what the Tea Party nutcases would so call.
Let me say at the onset that I am often a critic of the left here, but the fact remains that the classic tradition of socialism, which predates Marxism, is part of the liberal revolution of modernity.
In any case, the whacko ideology peddled by the Repubs is alarming because it indicates their center of gravity is an exploited stupido class manipulated by ideological elites in the background.
The point of Hill’s book and speaking in general is that to trash socialism isn’t even a rational rightwing strategy. As the tradition of Social Democracy shows it is intelligent conservatism to create a hybrid socialism/market economy. They outdid the real socialists, and made the Bolsheviks look ridiculous and monstrous.
So there isn’t the slightest reason to be on the defensive here: it is time for ‘in you face’ counterattack on these issues.
I would be happen to hear leftist critiques of Social Democracy, but there is plenty of room for a dialectic here.
The point is that the American gangster elite is exceptional confused, and vicious, and have just perpetrated an immense set of crimes, on top of those from the Bush mafia, et al, and they don’t deserve the consideration they are given.

This discourse can start with critiques of classic Bolshevism, no problem. But that wasn’t even socialism/communism, as Lenin cleverly knew, creating his own concoction as he went along.

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