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Machiavellianism and the evo-psych fascists

February 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment


Arnhart is beyond belief. He can’t really support the evo-psych account of dictators so he drools over it at length.
The reality is far more subtle: if you study the eonic effect you will see that ‘chimpanzee politics’ never really existed in the sense meant. It only exists as human politics goes into decline in its off-sequence periods. But in way, it is worth critiquing gorilla politics: man seems too stupid to create democracy, it is created for him twice in the eonic sequence.
We see authoritarian governments, and then we see the evolution toward democracy. Machiavelli should have been a sideshow commentator, but instead he has been dubbed the creator of science of politics. The sad reality, as Kant sensed, and the American Revolution (almost) demonstrated, is that Machiavellian politics is turned into something inevitable as the idealism required for real government is destroyed. If we study the last generation since the creation of the CIA we see how Machiavellis is starting to triumph over the idealism of American history. That is not normal! It is abnormal, and garbage about ‘chimp politics’ is not relevant to the discussion. Man is called to something more and Arnhart muddle over alpha males is pathetic. Such males have almost destroyed political evolution.

The point was made by Hegel, in his strange way: the dialectic (I don’t approve of his logic, as such) proceeds from an authoritarian beginning (consider the Pharaohs) and moves a soon as possible to emergent democracy. Study the eonic effect.
Shady gangsters can always take over governments and do a Darwinian makeover but that is decay, decline and aberration. The normal logic of development, evolution, is not Darwinian, or a game for alpha males.

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