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The puzzle of whacko republicans/Teehee partiers

February 17th, 2011 · 5 Comments


Published on Thursday, February 17, 2011 by The Nation
“What’s Disgusting? Union Busting!” Chant Wisconsin Crowds That Swell to 30,000; Key GOP Legislators Waver
by John Nichols
“I have never been prouder of our movement than I am at this moment,” shouted Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Phil Neuenfeldt, as he surveyed the crowds of union members and their supporters that surged around the state Capitol and into the streets of Madison Wednesday, literally closing the downtown as tens of thousands of Wisconsinites protested their Republican governor’s attempt to strip public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights.

The American rightwing is a puzzle: it is either exceptionally stupid, or else determined to simply wreck a whole civilization for reasons unknown to reason.
We discussed here several times Europe’s Promise, a history of the way the European conservatives invented Social Democracy as a response to the left. That response might well be debated, but the fact remains that in, say, the German case, the result is a resolution of the crisis of capitalism and class struggle in a form that the American whacko right simply cannot grasp.
What earthly sense can be made from a political system that will declare war on taxes, especially taxes for the rich, and then destroy the educational system. It is hard to grasp the nature of the stupidity at work.

Actually, speaking of taxes, a one time tax on the hidden forty trillion owned by the richest Americans would fund the whole social matrix for several generations.
So it may be too late for rightist social democracy. Socialist appropriation makes a lot of sense.

In any case, the system produces more than enough wealth to fund a rolls royce social democracy, so why this egregious and self-destructive display of greed? It serves no purpose, right or left.

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