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9/11, fascism and the hidden (counter) revolution from the right

February 19th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Towers of Deception

It might seem uncalled for to summon the idea of revolution at his juncture, but the situation is actually far worse than people imagine, and here the left has proved totally useless, and suspiciously compliant.
The counterrevolution of the right in the last generation has been accompanied by a concealed coup d’etat of the intelligence orgs who have seized power in a fashion so clever noone realizes what has happened. Not only that, the public is perfectly brainwashed and will denounce the truth here as ‘conspiracy theory’. It is a pathetic defeat for a democratic public. So to counter this fascist revolution a new revolution is needed to recast American government as the republic it was: the seizure of power by the CIA-style hidden factions that come into existence with the Cold War began with the assassination of JFK and jumped to a new level of outright fascism after 9/11. A new political culture must abolish these intelligence agencies. There is no other possibility.
Unless the left can come to an understanding here, their efforts along the lines of Marxist ideology are ludicrous in their pathos, and sheer stupidity.
The point here is that we don’t live in a democracy any more, making the idea of revolution as topical as it is now in the streets of Cairo.

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