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The virtual revolution: countdown to realization

February 20th, 2011 · No Comments

We have reposted the material on ‘revolutionary confusions’, and it is fitting to continue this discussion.
But we have a problem, clearly evident in many discussion forums, which is that declaring for revolution is putatively illegal, and makes the utterer of the dread words open to everything from arrest to rendition and life imprisonment for terrorism, off to Guantanamo or worse for the bloke.
Actually I can’t think of anything more illegal than the current dot.gov as it lives off the lies and crimes of 9/11.
It would seem, thus, to be factual that hidden branches of the American governmental system illegally and crimininally ‘false flagged’ the 9/11 massacre to create a war on terror. Such behavior,and the overwhelming evidence is sitting out in the open, ready for review, is so grotesque that the issues of The
Virtual Revolution become immediate.
An immediate question is whether Obama is aware of what is going on here, or is himself a dupe.

But, that apart, the point is apt, declaring ‘revolution’ plays into the hands of the criminal government, and we can evade troubles if we create two categories, The Revolution, and The Virtual Revolution. Discussions of virtual revolution, prevented from immediate realization by a countdown that can be canceled dailly, are entirely legal, and allow the discussion of the potential takeover by democratic revolution of an established government (e.g the current American gangster regime) out in the open. Like the space shuttles, the countdowns will be frequently cancelled an put on hold/reset. So the FBI/CIA can drool on their shoes in peace.

As noted already, the American experience virtually endorses the possibility of a new American Revolution, and the question then is to consider the virtualities here very carefully.

Food for thought: a host of Obama fans who devotedly campaigned and then voted for him are now stranded in limbo, and, most sadly, de facto disenfranchisees without political hope because they can’t vote for him again. For many such, it is a question of conscience: after eight years of Bush they were desperate and then wildly hopeful that Obama would e.g. close Guantanamo. That that was a cynical deception from the start has left many dumbfounded and they cannot easily buy into the triangulation game: it is tantamount to voting for something fascist.
What is surprising is the sheer Machiavellian cunning of Obama here, not doubt due to the coaching behind the scenes form the Clinton/Emmanuel types.
The blackmail here is the bet that those who are paranoid of a worse Republican victory in a future election

Whatever the case, this is a prototype of the point of no return, as feared, where no further possibilities are open to the political citizen, who then must consider the potential of virtual revolution in a rapidly deteriorating political chaos.

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