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The American Revolution: the new phase

February 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

The question of a new phase of The American Revolution is going critical, a point that was obvious from the presidency of Bush II. The issues of economics, and the Wall Street gangster elite hides the deeper disease:
What is still unclear to the public is the covert action behind 9/11 and the outrageous smear campaign against the Islamic world on the basis of that conspiracy of false-flag state terrorism.
The books of David Ray Griffin are a good place to start: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 [Paperback]
David Ray Griffin

And this issue reenergizes the obvious JKF questions.
The failure of the current left to address this issue is outrageous, and strong evidence of its failures. If you are that fooled, you are fired.

I cite this issue for the obvious warning that a government taken over by the Intelligence Agencies who have gotten away with it for over fifty years is grounds for the severest challenge to governmental legitimacy. You can’t have a democracy under such conditions: it is a de facto fascist coup.

The standard economic issues of the left are obviously also coming to a head, and the climactic era of globalization sets an alarm clock set in 1848 and is the prime moment for reopening the questions raised in the Communist Manifesto. But as indicated here the theme of the current left’s fixation on Marxism needs a challenge. Marxists have never had a sinlge success, and the reason is their flawed theories. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from Marxism, but the subject needs to be recast completely.
But the question of revolution is better seen in the context of the American brand with its indications of the liberal foundations needed for a socialist or social democratic recasting.
Can this happen with the kind of spontaneous outbreak we are seeing now?
Whateve the case, the idea of The Virtual Revolution is essential to begin to think about a society in failure, and a fake democracy being used to front for the Wall Street gangster elite.

My point: you no longer have the option as an American proud of democratic traditions to preen your feathers confronted with the fascist take over of the American system. At the other extreme the corrupted legacy of the Bolshevik and Marxist left is coopting any serious effort to create a serious left.
We can still learn from the old left, and need to learn how to transcend its contradictions, to see the basic point made: the basic liberal revolution was deficient in its rights protections of the full class structure of the system, viz. the proletariat, and the rogue market ideologies used to corrupt the basis of democratic freedom. The Marxist left was unable to deal with its own critique, and the reasons are obvious: the method to deal with the issues is another brand of liberal democractic revolution with a socialist or social democratic framework. The total abolition of the market, i.e. communism, is another, far more complex, issue.
We need also to study the history of Bolshevism to see how these potential solutions were destroyed by a new form of class society and state capitalism, the Bolshevik system.

This history is fading away and the real option of a liberal/socialist revolution in the American context and in the American tradition of revolution comes into view.

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