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In evolution, last really can be first

March 26th, 2011 · 2 Comments

In evolution, last really can be first

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  • 1 Dov Henis // Mar 27, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Rethink Evolution/Natural Selection

    “understanding the genetic mechanisms that drive evolution”???
    What Drives What???

    Apply Critical Thinking For Solving THE RIGHT USA SCIENCE PROBLEM

    AAAS Through History’s Lens
    Imprinting Diversity?

    Enough Is Enough!
    It Is Not “Genomic Imprinting Affects Diversity”
    It Is “Culture/Diversity Imprints Genetics”.

    Part I

    A. “Imprinting Diversity”

    B. On Human-Primate Diversity

    “Aging rates, gender gap in mortality similar across all primates”

    “Age affects us all”

    C. Again And Again: It’s Culture That Modifies Genetics

    But in the case of human-primates the process takes millions of years because the original primate physiological genetics are better conserved in humans than in their original primate relatives. In humans the modifications are in the brains, in evolving capabilities to modify their environments and toolings, whereas their relative primates need to continuously adapt
    physiologically to changing environments. Humans modify environs, their forefathers adapt to environs.

    D. On Uniquely Human Traits

    Horse And Wagon, Culture And Genetics

    It’s Culture That Modifies Genetics, Not Genetics That Modifies Culture!

    “How DNA deletions may have produced uniquely human traits”

    With such a title you don’t need to read the article; it would apparently explain how a wagon pulls the horse.

    “Seed of Human-Chimp Genomes Diversity”

    Dov Henis
    (Comments from 22nd century)

    Part II

    From a letter I recently e’mailed elsewhere re “Big Brains And Spineless Penises”
    Or “Sex, Spines And Human Evolution”:

    Now, from where comes such scientific ignorance to Stanford?
    Like most science ignorance (and there’s plenty of it around) it flows mainly from the following “spring of creativity”:

    A. Genes/genomes are ORGANISMS, subject to natural selection.

    Update comprehension of cosmos and life evolution.

    Apply Critical Thinking For Solving THE RIGHT USA SCIENCE PROBLEM

    Why Life Eats And Why Life Sleeps:
    Life eats because the universe expands.
    Life sleeps because when RNAs genesised there was not yet biometabolism.

    US losing lead in science?

    “The proportion of papers authored by US researchers, Wagner reported, dropped by 20 percent from 1996 to 2008.”
    News From AAAS

    Just the proportion of the “papers”?
    Otherwise the US “papers” have been, are, and prospected to be of scientific value?

    See “Hope For Science?”

    And see the following two E-medium samples, thus presently taboo, nonAAASkoshered nonpeerreviewable notes:


    1st sample

    Genes And Genomes Are Both Organisms

    Genomes Are RNA-Evolved Template ORGANISMS
    EpiDNAtics Is Not Epigenetics

    From “Dispel Some Figments Of 2010 Science Imagination”

    The “heritable or enduring changes” are epiDNAtics, not epigenetics. Alternative splicing is not epigenetics, even if/when not involving alteration of the DNA sequence. Earth life is an RNA world.

    It’s the RNAs that evolve proteins. AND IT’S THE RNAs THAT HAVE EVOLVED AND PRODUCE AND EMPLOY THE RNA and (stabler) DNA template genome organisms for carrying out life processes, i.e. for enhancing Earth’s biosphere by proliferating RNAs, for augmenting and constraining as long as possible some energy by augmenting its, RNA’s, self-propagation, constraining temporarily some of the total energy of the universe, all of which is nevertheless destined to fuel the ongoing cosmic expansion.


    Science should adjust its vision, comprehension and concepts.

    Dov Henis
    (comments from 22nd century)


    2nd sample

    Suggested 2010 Updated Concepts Of Evolution, Natural Selection

    On The Nature And Origin Of Cosmic, Including Life, Evolution, Beyond Darwin And Einstein

    The purpose of OUR life and of its promotion is ours to formulate and set. It derives solely from our cognition. The nature and origin of cosmic, including life, evolution:

    Natural Selection Derives From Cosmic Expansion

    “Evolution is energy temporarily constrained in a mass format to postpone reconversion of the mass to the energy fueling the cosmic expansion”.


    Origin And Nature Of Natural Selection

    Life is another mass format, a self-replicating mass format.
    All mass formats are subject to natural selection.
    Natural selection is the delaying conversion of mass to the energy fueling cosmic expansion.
    Cosmic expansion is the reconversion of all mass to energy.

    Natural Selection Updated 2010, Beyond Historical Concepts:

    Natural Selection applies to ALL mass formats. Life, self-replicating format, is just one of them.
    Natural Selection Defined:

    Natural selection is E (energy) temporarily constrained in an m (mass) format. Period.

    Natural selection is a ubiquitous property of each and every and all cosmic mass, spin array, formats. Mass strives to increase its constrained energy content in attempt to postpone its reconversion to energy and to postpone addition of its constitutional energy to the totality of the cosmic energy that fuels the cosmic expansion going on since Big Bang.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)

    Cosmic Evolution Simplified
    Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos


    Longevity Schmongevity Genes?

    It’s Not The Procedure, But The Concept That Is Absurd

    Longevity Genes Search Reflects Science Decadence

    A. “For most centenarians, longevity is written in the DNA.”

    A study of people who live past 100 reveals many genetic paths to a long life.

    B. Longevity is about survival, which is about “natural selection”, which is about energy constrainment, which is about life evolution, which is about cosmic evolution. All mass is destined to reconvert to energy to fuel the ongoing cosmic expansion. This is why organisms and black holes etc., eat, digest energy in mass forms, to delay-postpone conversion to energy. This is evolution, which is natural selection, which is survival, which is longevity.

    All mass formats age, degenerate back into enery. Life is a mass format. Searching for longevity genes is searching for evolution genes…

    C. The search for longevity genes is a reflection of the 20th-21st centuries science decadence

    Its concepts and terminology reflect the abandonment of basic science for adoption of the pretentious cancerous capitalist 20th-21st century technology culture.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)


    Rethink Astronomy And The Universe
    ( even without Quantum Unique Ergodicity, but with plain commonsense )

    Galactic clusters formed by dispersion, not by conglomeration. The proof of this is their behaviour, including acceleration, as Newtonian bodies.

    These bodies formed at the start of inflation, when all energy was still in mass format, and the inflation was the start of reconversion of cosmic mass into energy. Cosmic expansion acceleration rate differs for galactic clusters, proceeding according to Newton’s laws, proportional to the various galactic clusters’ masses.

    – A Basic Physics Tenet
    – The Universe In Which We Live

    A. “Neutrino quick-change artist caught in the act”

    A transformation from one ‘flavor’ to another confirms the elusive elementary particles have mass and suggests a need for new physics.

    B. Adopt

    – Each and every particle has mass.
    – Dark energy and dark matter YOK. All the universe energy and mass are plainly accounted for.
    – Higgs field/particle YOK. Mass forms below some value of D in E=Total[m(1 + D)] .
    – Do not be afraid of embarrassingly obvious answers. Adopt space-distance in lieu of space-time.

    C. And Rethink The Universe:

    By the presently available data our universe is a dual-cycle array, between the mass and energy poles.

    One cycle, the present, started from singularity, with all cosmic energy in mass format, and it has been proceeding to reconvert all the mass resolved at the Big Bang back to energy, by expanding the cosmos, by accelerating away the galaxy clusters.

    The other cycle, the cycle leading to singularity, will re-start when expansion consumes most of the mass that fuels it. Gravity will then overcome expansion and initiate reconversion of all the energy back to mass, to singularity, again.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)

    Dispel Some Figments Of 2010 Science Imagination
    03.2010 Updated Life Manifest
    28Dec09 Updated “Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)] ”
    Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion

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