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Amazonian catastrophes, and the failure of markets

April 1st, 2011 · No Comments

The question of markets doesn’t require much analysis: if we look at the destruction of the Amazon forest, we can see that the unlimited working of markets is a potential catastrophe. Therefore, as this extreme example makes clear, we MUST move to oppose the full or unlimited application of markets. No big theory is required for that. We must free ourselves, as Marx warned, from the mesmerizing idea that market laws are laws of nature. The laws of nature show us how ecologies really work. The junk food scientism of bad economic ideologies dressed up as science is fatally misleading.
Iin general, the ideology of mathematical economics has destroyed thought as all the best intelligence gets caught in in the fine points of advanced calculus and mathematical analysis thinking they are doing economic science as if it were physics. But the whole load of horseshit is, as Marx first supected with Ricardo, highly dubious reasoning. The real piece de resistance here is the marginal revolution which tried to displace the older brand of Smithian analysis, and created the comedy routines of calculus applied to hot air to confuse everyone, economists most of all.

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