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Critics without substance

April 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

The Emperor’s New Nakedness
By David Barash

Barash (one of the worst Darwin dummy fanatics and promoters of junk theory) is wrong to think the critics of New Atheism are without substance. It is the other way around: the ‘new atheism’ is criticized because it lacks any substance at all, and muddles the question of monotheism in particular, and religion in general. The book by Dennett was especially gruesome, breaking the spell would be better applied to the ‘new atheism’ itself.

Let’s be clear here: many atheists, ostracized by monotheists, are now ostraized by new atheists, who have a fetishistic list of companion beliefs, which should be irrelavant. In fact, the New Atheists strongly resemble the religious groups they attack, and have erected a brittle belief system that is taken on faith.

Let us hope we can be spared the establishment of this cult as a new form of public dogma.

One thing I do know, however, is that the alleged criticism of the New Atheists that I have seen has been remarkably devoid of substance, thereby comparing unfavorably to The God Delusion, Breaking the Spell, God is Not Great, and The End of Faith, each of which spelled out numerous, specific, and detailed criticisms of the currently regnant theological poppycock. The New Atheists, it seems to me, have outraged the religious establishment by following the lead of the child who sees the Emperor parading along in his alleged new clothes. They have had the effrontery to announce that He is naked, whereupon the critics complain that the boy doesn’t appreciate His detailed theological embroidery, hasn’t adequately studied the intricacy of invisible clothmaking, or invested the requisite years of hard-headed analysis required to understand why apparent nakedness is actually a special kind of ultra-sophisticated vestment.

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