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The end of religion?

April 29th, 2011 · No Comments

The End (of Religion) Is Near, Scientists Say

Scientists often have a funny way of talking about religion.

I think that the ‘end of religion’ has been noticed since the seventeenth century, so this ‘research’ is a bit odd.
It is obvious to every secularist, and also every New Ager, that the religious traditions are waning.
My problem here is that scientists wish to take control of the phenomenon and hijack the era of religious change and renewal.
This is creating a crisis as the immense field of spiritual exploration opened in the nineteenth century will be trashed and destroyed by the braindead cadres of scientism who will exert totalitarian control of the issues.
In a pluralistic society let’s hope they fail, but the passing of religion is a truly a mixed bad, and gangs of economic ideologists, riffraff ‘new atheist’ Nietzscheans in disguise, and a host of other candidates from ‘shrinks’ to degenerate gurus try to fill the vacuum.
We can see, whatever the case, that, as with the Axial Age, traditional religions will start to lose their grip. We need to prevent the degenerate slide into confusion that will result in the interval to a ‘new age’ of spiritual action.

As usual, the discussion is too abstract and speaks of ‘religion’ and not the ‘religions’ so-called of the Axial Age.

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