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New Atheism, and ostrich behavior to levels of reality

April 30th, 2011 · No Comments

How Easter and Christianity undermine atheism

This article is remarkably confused and does a disservice to its argument. A basic confusion exists between the defense of Xtian beliefs and the challenge to scientism under the rubric of attacking materialism.

What a mess!! No wonder those who reject religion are increasing. I think that the challenge to scientism is one thing, but this is not best pursued by committed Xtians whose beliefs are excessive in their claims.

Nevertheless the author, however ignorantly, raises the terrible question that must confront the New Atheists: will their cult followers become totally dead to the complex levels of reality/consciousness (that are barely open even to Xtians, btw) in the rush to deny all realities not endorsed by reductionist science?
The author has a point: an atheist population committed to the negation of all spiritual beliefs is setting itself up for a kind of demonic chaos.
This issue reminds us that there have been intelligent atheists in history, e.g. the Buddhists, who don’t confuse the ‘god’ question witth a view of the universe taken only by the most extreme students of scientism.

Note: this article discussed at Coyne’s blog today.

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