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Greta Christina’s crypto-fanaticism

May 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Are All Religions Equally Crazy?

Are less established religions really crazier than older mainstream ones? Or are mainstream religions just more familiar

Greta Christina is derailing with this trend toward extreme statements, new atheists please note (although, no dobut, they would be in the cheering gallery, mostly). She started out with some popular posts at Alternet, but now she seems to be driven to dangerous statements about religion in general, statements that show the latent contradictions of the New Atheism, which tends to attach theism, but then, for some unknown reason and with totally misplaced ‘consistency’, proceeds to attack a ‘generalization’ called religion. Why not just tilt at windmills.

Here’s an example of the confusion possible here: ancient Athens spawned the first democracy in the context of a polytheistic art-culture of majestic sublety and breadth (even as the birth of science was taking place in the Greek Enlighentenment). This flowering of the Greek Enlightnement was a multidimensional phenomenon of almost unfathomable depth.
So should we oppose thie phenomenon on the grounds of its hybrid religious elements and strains? Can you, like Solomon, to divide the baby, where art and religion blend, politics and religion blend?
There are hundreds of examples like this.
The New Atheists need to define what they are doing more carefully, because what they have now is crazy, and will turn into fanaticism.
You may say this is a special case, but Christina’s generalization attempts to reject all religion. Her universal statement is deliberate, and most ill-considered.

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