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Tarpley on Obama

May 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate
Webster Griffin Tarpley

Tarpley wrote a good book on 9/11 but this book is a head-scratcher, which I am also rereading. In broad strokes I would reject out of hand this kind of wild-pitch analysis but somehow the author manages to come up with some important insights.
The reason I can’t quite set it aside is that Tarpley was one of the few who correctly predicted, and rushed to warn with this too hasty book, of the Obama turn, of the way that his charisma and seemingly left-center ideology was a front, a cover for the triangulation we now see. How Tarpley saw that right away, in the process confusing his thesis with a lot of muddled concepts like the ‘postmodern’ issue, is a mystery, and I am left to wonder how he did it.

Further his confused yet acute analysis of fascism raises an important point: study the real history of fascism: it was able to inspire on the left to start and then show its true colors and end on the right (of course a complex situation), and in the process a plaything of financial capital manipulating the situation. Deja vu all over again with currrent finance shenanigans and the parallel rightward farce, next to the ‘slow coup d’etat’ in motion with the intelligence agencies, the war on terror with its attack on civil liberties, etc… The term ‘fascism’ is thus appropriate in many ways in its original meaning. However, the situations remain different, so this kind of collation is probably false. But Tarpley’s examination of the semantic history of the word ‘fascism’ is useful.

The book also raises the question of the intelligence agencies working on the left, manipulating elections, a phenomenon first visible in the Soros world and the various post-Soviet satellites, from Ukraine to Georgia.
Was this, as Tarpley insists, a factor behind the strange success of Obama? Is the CIA et al. involved in manipulating the left, and various electoral situations?
The left has certainly been fooled by the CIA, and badly. The revolution in secret as a coup d’etat of the American government (plus other shady operators manipulating the CIA) has to be object of leftist analysis, but instead it hasn’t a clue. It is hard to challenge the government if you don’t know what/where/who it is.

So, I can’t decide whether to recommend this book, which is filled with some dubious notions, but the fact is that Obama confusingly misled his fans, and Tarpley shouted out as loud as he could before the election that that was what Obama would do.
I must be missing something. Another misinformed dupe of the mass media. Poor me.

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