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Big history vs the evolution of freedom

May 20th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Luke comments on Big History post

I think that you feel more secure in the Big History fold, and there is a good email group here at H-World listserve, where the issues are discussed quite a lot (by those teaching it).
The problem with my ‘eonic effect’ is that noone quite understands it, despite its elegant beauty and cogent resolution of both the evolution mystery and the philosophy of history mystery.

The question is not hard: how could ‘free will’ evolve, if it in fact did evolve?

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  • 1 Luke Rondinaro // May 20, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Actually, I’m already subscribed to H-World and some other groups (the psychohistory lists on Google and Yahoo); though truth to tell, my favorite was the old WSN (World Systems Network, for our novices here) group out of Communications for a Sustainable Future (based at the University of Colorado). A verry neat group for history, sociology, and economic questions! It was more of a specifically-geared group towards Wallersteinian World-Systems analysis, but it blossomed largely into more of a general historical sociology group over time, with everyone from social activist types, to historians, to the core WS group of scholars as well. I enjoyed it immensely, but then when CSF shut down it left a big hole for everybody. It’s too bad, becuase that’s the group I would incidently recommend to students and upcoming thinkers in the field more than H-World for their attention. With Gunder on it, Stremlin, Boles, Proyect, and so many others, we had a really, really wonderful set of discussions and debates going there. … Anway, you’re mentioning H-World took me down memory lane!

    Still plan on following your work here a bunch and analyzing eonic effect material from my end. Even so, it’s probably best at this point to save the rest of the ongoing discussion for email and blog-back-and-forth. Thanks again, John, for your comments.

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