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Enlightennext fumble on Batchelor

June 4th, 2011 · No Comments


I have some homework to do on Batchelor’s work and here is a link to commentary at the Andrew Cohen site. You would think that after claiming to be enlightened Andrew Cohen could say something intelligent on the issues raised by Batchelor. That’s a sign that Cohen is another fake and can’t handle rebirth issues. But the interview seems to partially a bluff: leading him on without passing judgement, save in a few revealing bits that seem to inject a mild negativity.

I don’t find Batchelor to be a revolutionary. On the contrary, he is a conformist, in the milieu of the new atheists. And the result is useless.

Let me say that I am not an atheist, and am wondering that so few can come to the defense of buddhism here. There is every chance that a great tradition will be destroyed by this kind of disguised propaganda. Don’t let it happen. Modern science can’t solve the question of soul and rebirth, so these efforts to ‘modernize’ buddhism are baloney. The question is a rumor handed down by those who reached enlightened. It can remain a rumor, as the practitioner simply keeps in mind the greater past which he is trying to understand, leaving the hard question up in the air, safe from religious dogma, and safe from destructive pseudos like Batchelor.

Andrew Cohen and Batchelor: two dangerous fakes. Be wary of both of them.

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