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Religion, world history, and macroevolution

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http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap3_1.htm: Descent of Man Revisited: Chapter 3, then Chapter 4:

The study of buddhism makes no sense in isolation: we need to see it in the context of the eonic effect, or else the Axial Age alone. It appears in exact concert with cryalllizing monotheism in the Middle East. The later is far more confused historically and we are beset with an Old Testament corpus that is almost more confusing than the archaeological record which is beginning to show the real meaning of the Bible’s account.
We are confronted with the stupefying mechanics of the end point, when the Israelites go into exile, thus neatly universalizing their parochial corpus (which always remains thus), and are influenced by the Persian tradition. The sequence of events here is almost spooky in its coincidences, which are obvious not coincidence. Small wonder the Israelites thought at higher power was acting in history. Now we can see the further stupefying ‘coincidence’ (falling together) that buddhism crytallizes in exact concert, again in spooky exactness.
The sense of a ‘higher power’ acting in history is overwhelming and we must remember that the term ‘god’ is later and shows the idea entering into the stage of vulgar theism, the ruination of the lost original, in the legacy of the Canaanites becoming Israelites/Judeans.
One way to understand the swift progression of innovations is to study the history of the Greek Archaic, in exact parallel, a history of analogous proportions, but told plain, without the realization of the Israelites of some higher action, an idea which confused their simple insight into history.

The larger picture is even more clear if we see the Axial period in its sequential place in the macroevolutionary logic of civilization as a whole.

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