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Three selections from Davies’ The Darwin Conspiracy: updated

June 22nd, 2011 · 5 Comments

Update:now there is a full online version:

Repost once again:
We discussed Davies today, so here is the scanned material from this blog. The book was available free as a pdf for a while, but now has disappeared.

Below is a repost of some Roy Davies’ material: I scanned three chapters of the book, and you can get as sense of it from that:

The evidence that Darwin plagiarize Wallace is clear from the Roy Davies’ book, which was linked to here at the pages section. But the link is now broken. While I search for another online source for the pdf of the book you can read three scanned selections from the book.

Three posts on The Darwin Conspiracy, By Roy Davies
Darwin’s shifting usage of natural selection
Darwin’s thinking as he receives first letter from Wallace
Wallace’s letters and suspicious changes in Darwin’s views on evolution

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