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Collins and Dawkins

June 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

Francis Collins: Atheist Richard Dawkins Admits Universe’s Fine-Tuning Difficult to Explain:

This discussion is spoiled by religious advocates who try and make ‘fine-tuning’ some kind of argument for the existence of god, thence for all of their other beliefs here.
But fine-tuning is an argument about nature, and says nothing about anything beyond that. I think that the evidence of physics here should be taken as neutral, and as a solution to the confusions of Darwinism (where simillar theistic attempts to force the theory are at work).

“To get our universe, with all of its potential for complexities or any kind of potential for any kind of life form, everything has to be precisely defined on this knife edge of improbability,” said the world renowned scientist.

“That forces a conclusion. If you are an atheist, either it is just a lucky break and the odds are so remote, or you have to go to this multiverse hypothesis, which says that there must be almost an infinite number of parallel universes that have different values of those constants,” explained Collins to Christian scholars of various disciplines in the audience. “And of course we are here and so we must have won the lottery, we must be in the one where everything worked.”

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