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The liberal idea of ‘freedom’ as supernatural as anything in religion

June 29th, 2011 · 1 Comment

The issue of liberalism is ironically one that resembles the dissent or religious thought from science: the rise of the modern idea of freedom, and it political realizations in the early modern, accompanied the rise of (causal) science, and stands in dialectical contradiction there, a point discussed at length by Kant, et al.

Liberalism, as the core modern ideology, is thus a brand of anti-science, a perspective that needs to be taken with intelligent discretion. But the point is that ‘freedom’ is a ‘supernatural’ as anything in religion.

And it is no accident that science fanatics like Sam Harris wish to eliminate the idea of freedom.

Let me say that I don’t divide the pie this way: the idea of freedom is, to me, transcausal, but not for that reason ‘super’-natural. It natural but not in the realm of physics objects…
A good study of Kant would help here.

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