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Dalai Lama’s jet set fake ‘gandhi’ routine

June 30th, 2011 · No Comments

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/27/dalai-lama-washington-dc_n_885612.html: Dalai Lama To Host Washington D.C. Peace Festival In July

Yesterday (scroll back) we had a post on the Dalai Lama’s bad leadership. Criticizing this character is a big step, and will make a lot of enemies, but, actually, that seems to be less so now that once before.

It might be appropriate to challenge this figure, whose ‘jet set Gandhi’ game is a bit tiresome at this point. The reality is that buddhism is being destroyed, and the Dalai Lama substitutes a kind of fake ‘satyagrapha’ comedy routine to cover over the total failure of his politics.
To be fair, he is a man in an impossible situation, and has few options. But I wonder. Since I support non-violence the citique threatened is not going to come easily from me, and yet I think that something has gone flat here as the Dalai Lama’s take on non-violent action serves to discredit the whole field of tactics.

Let’s be blunt, to make the conversation start: non-violence by jet-set expatriate lamas is hypocritical. Has lost Tibet where a determined strategy of resistance (the Dalai’s original stance with some help from the CIA) might have succeeded.
Note this: Tibetan mountain men are tough, but they were not match for the Chinese army. So we got non-violence after the CIA ditched the Tibetans.
Doesn’t sound on the level.
The phoney baloney ‘non-violence’ routine here, let me note most provocatively, is an insult to all Americans, for it implies that American independence didn’t deserve to succeed because it was violent.
There is in any case something wrong with the Dalai Lama’s operation here. It is perhaps a syimptom of displacement due to heartbreak, and I should be less unkind in exposing him. But at this point we have lost Tibetan Buddhism, lost Tibet, and maybe about to lose buddhism altogether while the Dalai Lama, who suffers nothing from the crushing of Tibet, preens his feathers on the global jet set scene trying to play Gandhi.
Time for a rethink.

Let me note in passing Rajneesh’s detestation of gandhi (which I don’t share, but…), and his remark that a few rebels with riftles could have freed India in the twenties. Don’t know, but the fetish made out of gandhi’s tactics (unlike the heroic use of them by such as Martin Luther King) by the Dalai Lama’s celebrity show is unnerving.
The reality is that he has abandoned his people to their fate.

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