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Booknotes: Evolution Exposed and Intelligent-Design Explained

July 8th, 2011 · No Comments

Evolution Exposed and Intelligent-Design Explained in Walter Starkey’s New Book An engineering professor gives expert-witness testimony on the origin of animals, including many novel analyses
Author Walter Starkey, a Doctor in biology and engineering, has been interested in the theory of evolution most of his life. After years of in-depth study about this topic however, he has made a conclusion about this firmly-held belief by the majority. In Evolution Exposed and Intelligent-Design Explained, he bares all.

Through extensive research and common sense, Dr. Starkey has discovered—backed with concepts on science, engineering, and mathematics—that the theory of evolution is the greatest scientific mistake of all time. This bold account attempts to prove this statement by presenting several facts that readers will find very eye-opening and enlightening. Furthermore, this account asserts that (1) the natural forces of the earth have no intelligence whatsoever, and therefore they could not have designed the animals, (2) human beings are intelligent enough to design machines but they are not intelligent enough to design the animals, and (3) the only entity that could design the animals would be the superhuman being who is much more intelligent than any human being; thus, the theory of Intelligent Design.

This book was not written for the purpose of attempting to change the opinion of any scholar who believes in the theory of evolution. Rather, it is an account that unveils an engineering professor’s expert-witness testimony on the origin of animals, including many novel analyses. It has been written primarily for young people who are in their formative years, and who are interested in learning the truth about the origins of the animals.

Although containing many advanced scientific concepts, Evolution Exposed and Intelligent-Design Explained is easy to read and understand, making it an excellent supplementary reading for students taking biology, mathematics, and engineering, and those in Christian Universities.

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Evolution Exposed and Intelligent-Design Explained * by Walter Starkey
Publication Date: June 16, 2011

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