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The dangers of religion, and the dangers of science

July 10th, 2011 · No Comments


Sam Harris on the dangers of religion. I am sure there are many dangers to religion. Probably there are more dangers arriving from science, and that’s going to get worse until it gets better, i.e. some future Sam Harris warning us of the confusion being created by science mentality. I should say the ‘scientism mentality’.
I think the current tide against religion is predicted by my model of world history, and its way of showing the relative transformations of religion (and culture) that occur during Axial periods, the modern transition being one.
The discussion is spoiled by its vagueness, and false generality. And the whole discussion is right and wrong at the same time: a spiritual initiative tends to decline into a religion, and its passing is thus an improvement. But from another perspective a religion can be a stage of culture that performs a certain action.
The onset of monotheism, in a way that echoes the current new atheists, was a critique of religion as then known, and especially of the idolatries of polytheism. The ironic similarity to the current so-called secular atheism lies in the probable fate of the initiative: to become a religion, or in the mould of a stereotyped belief system with strong demands for conformity.
The dangers of science inclues the mirror image of many religious beliefs: the destruction of the idea of man and his degradation into a soul-less man-machine.

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