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Don’t be intimidated by the science goons

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments


I am no fan of Collins, but Coyne’s statement here is a bit much: the witch hunt over ‘unscientific’ beliefs focuses on just those issues that strong supporters of science should consider carefully, because they show the limits of science as known: the question of morality.
As for fine-tuning, to say that consideration of this is anti-scientific is outrageous, false, and open to debate.

I think that this kind of science fundamentalism is going to back fire among secularists (forget the Bible Belt) who will come to an intelligent realization that science as we know it has some critical difficulties.
Don’t let the science goons intimidate you into silence.

And Collins is still an advocate of profoundly anti-scientific beliefs, including the notion that the laws of physics indicate fine-tuning by a deity (the same one who freezes waterfalls in three parts), and that human morality—which he calls “The Moral Law”—can’t be explained by evolution, ergo Jesus. (I’m publishing a response to the latter idea within the next few days.)

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