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14th Amendment and Obama’s liberal dupes

July 31st, 2011 · 1 Comment


I am shocked that Obama has exposed himself as a total non-liberal in this deficit debate. Despite his denials, it is clear, and has been for a long time, that all this is totally unnecessary, and that Obama could have simply called it off. The legal question is not that murky, so the suspicion falls on Obama here.
There is no basis for letting the right hijack politics to extend a debt ceiling.
Unless, of course, he is a closet ‘Republican’ who wishes to let the right stage its kabuki theatre.

Suspicion grows that the cleverest way to stage a rightist coup was to use a person like the closet-conservative Obama to con the liberal public into a corner. He is passing a point of no return, but perhaps this was computed from the start, ‘where will they go’, as that gangster Rahm Emmanuel said.
Obama must be playing chicken with the liberal public: he can push them almost at will, in fear before the worse possibility.
Obama, as Tarpley seems to have warned, is an agent of the Wall Street faction, and his nimble deception has so far worked perfectly to befuddle his liberal dupes.

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