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Was Judaism a mistake?

July 31st, 2011 · No Comments

We commented on this disgusting Huffpost article by Rabbi Wolpe on animal sacrifice last week (check the archives).
It is time to read the riot act to Jews, respectfully, without antisemitism, and with a studied indifference to a problem that is likely to solve itself as Judaism disperses in the wind (I won’t bet on it, however). The new atheists often attack ‘religion’, but they really mean Xtianity, and the suspicion in some cases is that the traditional revulsion and total Jewish hatred of Xtianity is present in disguise.
I think that one idea for the new atheists, who should be consistent in their stance, is to expose the frozen character of primitive pre-Judaism, to see that, in relation to the sources in the Axial Age, Israelite ‘proto-Judaism’, was an emergent process in evolution toward a universal religion, but became stalled around covenental Judaism, so called. And animal sacrifice was one of the archaic monstrosities that Xtians rapidly discarded.
The question remains, and this is a pure slap in the face for Jews (I really don’t much care), was Judaism simply a mistake, something that should never have happened? Xtians, whose views I don’t exactly trust, always thought so, and the hopeless situation of producing two religions was a tragedy that the new atheists are too chicken to even discuss in their tactics of generalized ‘anti-religion’.
I don’t wish particularly to pursue such an unpromising subject, but if Rabbi Wolpe is actually dumb enough to repropose animal sacrifice at this late date it is a sign of what might happen in an anti-anti-semitic age, and I think it is time to ask intelligent Jews (no need, they have already done so) to discard Judaism and move on. I have a worse opinion of Xtians in many ways, but the whole idea of Judaism was surely a confusion of scale as the momentum of emerging entities lost control of itself. The result, two religions, in permanent collision over two thousand years should be a strong warning, amplified to thundering proportions by the fact of the Holocaust, that we should move on, and try to create a new religious perspective altogether.
This issue is one that should be raised by outsiders, since insiders are too fanatically involved to resolve the questions, and then ditched, as one packs one’s bags to skip town confronted by irate Xtian idiots and thumb-sucking Jewish primitives (“I have a special relation to god, unlike those dumb Gentiles”), to move toward a post-Axial Age monotheism and its stragglers.
Again, I really don’t care here, but can see that a non-Xtian and non-Jew has to intervene here, to beat both parties over the head, in vain no doubt. I hold no brief for Xtianity, but their insistence that covenental judaism was a transient phase that should be phased out, and which led to escalating anti-semitism, was nonetheless the only sane stance to adopt, at least at the beginning.
I would have to say it, the devil won the sweepstakes here (I don’t believe in the devil, not at all, except when it comes to asking why religions failed), and the result was a pathetic monstrosity of Jewish-Xtianity that tormented its confused followers for centuries, with no resolution.
Islam emerged finally as a desperate effort to try again, to reset the whole question, but the result didnt’ succeed with Jews and Xtians.
It is not necessary to embrace atheism here, but there is a need to move on, and that means post-Xtianity, ditching the grotesque covenental Judaism as the vampire it is, and demanding jewish assimilation.
Best of luck of course, and this demonic masterpiece will persist for a few more centuries, but finally it will all be swept away, as were all the pre-Axial Age religions.
Let us be wary of the the dangers of renewal given the blessings of closing the past.

Here’s a rabbi who should have held his tongue. It’s David Wolpe, whom we’ve encountered several times before. Over at HuffPo he writes “In defense of animal sacrifice.” (HuffPo notes at the bottom: “The title of this piece has been updated from ‘Why Animal Sacrifice is Good’ to ‘In Defense of Animal Sacrifice’ to more accurately reflect the views of the author.”)

Why would a liberal and sophisticated rabbi defend the wanton killing of beasts to propitiate a God in whom that rabbi barely believes? (Note: Wolpe is also a vegetarian.)

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