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Is the testimony of (VIP celebrity) science honchos credible???

August 8th, 2011 · No Comments

WEIT blog has an interesting, but flawed, discussion of:
50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists [Paperback]
Russell Blackford (Editor), Udo Schuklenk

I find this interesting and hope to read what these people say. But it is important to stand back and put this in perspective:
All these scientists (I may be wrong in fully generalizing about so many people) are confused about Darwinism, therefore about teleology, therefore about the real meaning of evolution, and therefore of science.
Recall our discussions about the Iron Cage, of Weber: those who by trainiing are abducted into that ‘cage’ adopt predictable beliefs, which are as much a product of social/peer conformity than independent reason.

Further, as the language used makes clear, questions of ‘god’ and an ‘afterlife’ (and much else) are taken as equivalent, but they are not equivalent, as the case of Buddhist atheism with its doctrine of rebirth makes clear.

The tactics here thus backfire disastrously: that many science VIP’s confused about science, evolution, and religion wish to pronounce for us on reality. They are not credible!!!

Note: if a single one of these people tried to break out of the basic mindset to think independently they would be in real trouble with the establishment. So that’s another check on credibility.

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