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Beyond marxism

August 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Just got a copy of this: A Companion to Marx’s Capital [Paperback]
David Harvey

A possible waste of money at this point: Harvey lards his useful-for-browsing-and-paper-airplanes book with the reverent Marx dogmatism about a great genius that is misplaced, and counterproductive to serious thought.
Who cares about Capital at this point? It is a failed book that Marx couldn’t complete, but which serves handily as a revolutionary poster, and generalized protest against capitalism. But the focus on its detail backfires and subjects the left to refutations by the dozen, wholesale. Endless critical works that marxist retards are apparently unable to read. This formulation is no longer viable. The narrow focus of marxists is fatal here. Most are unaware that decisive critiques were already coming in the 1890’s. The faithful just don’t get it. And the solution is not hard: reconstruct the basic argument. And stop wasting time on idiocy, like defending the labor theory of value, etc…
Marx set the left up for endless critical attacks with his dubious theories, none of which are needed for real ‘praxis’.
Marx’s text ground to a halt, probably because Marx sensed his theory of history was wrong. As an analysis of history and economics it is a package of flawed theories. So what? Used as a generalized encomnium to action and renewed study it works fine.
That they are flawed should be incidental at this point, if the left had proceeded to a creative renewal of its basic principles. Instead we have to go over the Marx canon with heads bowed, in hushed whispers, as the sorry ghosts of Marx/Engels are subjected to analytical table-rapping. A decent socialist model is not that hard, why has it been made impossible? If the first such model is flawed, work on another. We need a blueprint of how to run an economy under conditions of democratic rights in a situation bordering on ecological collapse, and the need to constrict markets, or even abolish them. A tough assignment, one that Marx avoided like a plague, fearful he would bungle the job. It was all fancy footwork, and putting off the defining tenets of something real.
He did bungle the job. So what? We move on and get ready for the revolution against the revolution underway from the right: the creation of a new postcapitalist serfdom and malthusian/darwinian mass murder of whole populations.
Make Marx into a wall poster, and get with it on the continuation. Marx and Spartacus are both inspirational, but archaeological digs, at this point.

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