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Toward a new public religion? A christian atheism, a religious atheism?//

October 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

The ‘new atheism’ has shown such a limited perspective that it is doomed to plateau at some point, and generate its own dialectical continuation.
I can suggest something better: Hegel used the term ‘sublate’. A new religious/secular perspective could sublate theims/atheism into a higher unity and put a useless debate into the rear view mirror.
Religion neednt’ be about obsessions with god. If anything, atheists have done a service by flushing out the truly stinking ‘god talk’ of monotheists, a form of gibbberish that has destroyed god belief and turned it into something as objectional. We should recall that the original proto-judaism of the Israelites, or the hidden sages behind the soon deviating tribe, forbade the use of god terms, with some reason! The irony is that a kind of Xtian atheism would be closer to the original.

The problem with attacking religion in general is that it puts hate against an abstraction, while the reality of religion in general is too diverse for that kind of simplistic treatment.
Basically religion is/should be a kind of FAQ that informs people about their real potential, and the true evolutionary psychology (visible in, say, buddhism) that serves that potential. The question of divinity would be much better placed in a Kantian wrapper, or ‘sublated’ into a higher consciousness.
In any case, the new atheists, by forcing people into scientism, reductionist fundamentalism, and false views of evolution, and the rest of it, have created something that is actually worse than Xtianity in decay. Not easy to manage, but the new atheist iidiots have managed it.

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