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Repost: sleeping bags…

October 29th, 2011 · No Comments

This post from yesterday, and the other on Kantian socialism, were extremely popular so I am reposting both.

For reposting at the `1848 #Occ blog:

I am reposting this as the weather turns cold. I think that the resources of the OWS are rapidly finding solutions here, so if my humble efforts are no longer needed, I am glad. But as an unemployed student of Greek who spend a long time roaming the country (writing poetry, and obseving labor in a thousand perspectives) via the hobo freight circuit, the ins and outs of winter survival are a relevant history as the temps dip in the various OCC camps. In the eighties, I lived a whole winter outside near the rail head of Grand Junction, Co., alt. ca. 4800 ft, typical night low in January, 15 degrees, dumpster diving deluxe for metal, frozen foods (!) (hobo frozen foods compare favorably with TV diners), and recyclables (better than minumum wage if you figure it out), armed with a ten below bad of cheap holofill from Cabelas, $100 at the time. Sleeping out with the right gear is easy, safe and fun, almost invigorating,and after two week or so the body adjusts with blood thickening vigor at the cold. Absent a ten below mummy bag, the principles of layers in a bedroll is cheap, and easy, but bulky, unless you don’t have to carry it all day. So there is no reason to panic at the coming of cold temperature.
The post cited was very conservative: I say that with a ten below bag you can sleep at twenty five degrees. I didn’t say it, since I fear advice on the net to strangers. But a ten below bag can go bit lower!
The point is that you don’t have to be intimidated by the system: if it has no place for you, you don’t have to sell your sell to get back in. You can simply flip the bird at all of it, with a ten below mummy bag.

NY winter to test Occupy Wall St protest momentum
NY winter to test Occupy Wall St protest momentum
I wrote several times here on winter survival gear: this one summarizes the issue of ten-below sleeping bags…


A set of cheap ten below bags could allow a core group to hold out with ease throughout the winter, blizzard periods excepted. The NY winter is generally quite mild, a set of core hard periods being the only problem: with a ten below bag it is a piece of cake. The difficulty is mostly psychological. Cheap holofill bags (expensive duckfeather bags, forget it) could be found discounted I would suppose.

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