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Asia no religions?

October 30th, 2011 · No Comments

Why Doesn’t Asia Have Religion?
This article is bafflingly stupid, based on a false premise, and a roughly correct observation, not of religion, but ideological pseudo-religion as social ideology: the latter is rampant in the Occident, and has made real religion impossible for Westerners. They suffer through the hypnosis of the sterile ‘belief religions’ of the Christian/Jewish type. The assertion that Asia has no religion was perhaps intended to be cleverly ironic, and not meant seriously, but on any level it is false. How is it that Buddhism is not a religion?
In fact, the key seen in the Axial Age phenomenon shows a symmetric balance of multiple social-religious transformations, from which two world religions emerged, or rather two streams, the buddhistic, and the monotheistic. So the statement is completely off the mark. And, beyond that, we see hybrid in-betweens, in many ways superior for not being ‘religions’, e.g. Confuciansim. And in the West we see the Axial Age phenomenon of Archaic Greece, the most stupendous exemplar of them all, and free of the straight-jacket of religion.
Let us hope that history spares Asia the ‘religion’ phenonmenon of the West. As Danielou noted long ago, Western monotheism was/is a perverted degeneration of real religion, created to marshall cadres via watered down religious mythologies. As the ideology of the Roman empire (in the endgame) Xtianity is transparent in that regard.

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