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Fukuyama’s neo-con finesses of Hegeliana

February 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

Lenin’s picture in the Economist!

The plea from Fukuyama to the left to get its act together is fine enthusiasm, but it should be pointed out that this neo-con (apparently now recovering) is responsible for confusing a lot of people, including many on the left.
The Hegelian sausage he created was a brilliant set of packaged lies, with little to do with Hegel, or Marx. He has later recanted his philosophy of history for stale Darwinism. He was onto something, but distorted Hegelian thought by making the ‘end of history’ sound like the triumph of capitalism. The ‘end of history’ never actually appears in Hegel, but is hyped up to full-steam by Kojeve. The ‘end of history’ is really about a teleological view of history and the emergence of freedom. And says nothing about capitalism. So everything was wrong in Fukuyama’s trick piece. The basic, or better, point should be that Hegelian teleology suggests that freedom could as well be found beyond capitalism.
And that’s the problem here: state capitalism isn’t going to do the job, despite its current record of success. A closer look at China will show that tall tale for what it is, no doubt.
State capitalism is a liability of Marxism as a legacy, because Marx bungled his treatment of liberalism.
And that formulation failed the Hegel test because it didn’t exactly produce freedom.

The obsession with capitalism and markets has to be addressed, and it is present in Marx also. For myself, after two centuries of capitalist frenzy, what do I have to show for it, myself? Not much, nothing in fact. Let’s face the possibility that the end state of capitalism is Poverty 2.0, and that a system of justice beyond class will have to settle for equal poverty for all. Americans are capitalist drug addicts.
Zen gulags in Canada for such? I always Bolshevik gulags were the wrong approach. All that spare time could have been better devoted to Zen meditation.
A lot like the gateway to the Buddha’s Sangha: a beggar’s bowl was all you got.
After the planet is burnt out, this may be the only solution, and state capitalism isn’t going to be anything but class domination all over again.
This of course could be wrong, and the envirnmental problem soluble. But all these hyped discussions are still fixated on capitalism and markets.

Monks with begging bowls can reach nirvana 2.0. Get used to it.

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