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Beyond the Dalai Lamas/Should the Dalai Lama resign?

February 15th, 2012 · 1 Comment

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/02/beyond-religion-dalai-lam_n_1125892.html?ref=buddhism: ‘Beyond Religion’: The Dalai Lama’s Secular Ethics (EXCERPT)

The Dalai Lama is trying hard here, but the result is so-so. It’s obvious that buddhists aren’t so good on ethical questions. That’s odd, since the original sangha had a very robust ethical canaon. But this has been frittered away by to much ‘buddhism in the void’ bullshit, which seems to be a brand invented in the nineteen century in the full decadence of buddhism.

In any case,the Dalai Lama should go the last mile and resign his position, and throw Tibetan Buddhism open to a phase of democratic revolution, possible independence rebellion against China (beyond the Dalai Lamas phony non-violence routine), and transform itself as a twenty-first century post-buddhist buddhism sharing its rich legacy with the world, etc…

I think that the current form of Tibetan Buddhism is a useless exercise in bodhissatwic stasis in the cold storage locker of Mahayana. Throw that out too, and learn some lessons from the work of real buddhas like Rajneesh.
Buddhists are turning into useless bores who can’t even defend themselves against the kind of nonsense proposed by atheist humanists trying naturalize/neutralize buddhism, etc,…They seem helpless to defend themselves, or prevent buddhism from dying out, or, worse, taking up a mummified form that is corpse in Eliot’s The Wasteland that quoth, apothanein thelo.

It is worth studying the parallel last-phase Jainism of Mahavira next to the first-phase Buddhism of Gautama (the disciples of the two movements, it said, skulked behind the scenes betweent the two to compare notes, so quoth Rajneesh). Now last-phase Buddhism is confronting–what? nothing much there yet. But, just as Jainism cease to produce buddhas and became a ‘religion’, so now, perhaps, buddhism will go to dead battery and cease to produce buddhas, and become a ‘religon’. The question is, and Rajneesh perhaps created the answer, what parallel stream will take the baton from buddhism? It is important to be wary here, because a kind of frozen pseud-religion is starting to seep into the cracks. The end is nigh.
Rajneesh, in any case, made it clear that a living tradition must succeed in producing exemplars, and there the Mahayana is almost the kiss of death. It is tailor made to simply stand by and let the enemies of buddhism rewrite the subject out of existence. I find it beyond belief that no buddhists have challenged the work of Owen Flanagan. They must be thinking along the same lines. Abolish the enlightenment tradition and make the whole game a sterile ritualism.

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